Master of Technique

Material knowledge.
Process mastery.
Cutting-edge methods.

Obsession for Details

Unique attention for details.
Intimate dialogue with any surface.
Accuracy of the gesture.

Respect for Beauty

Perception of the aesthetic value.
Fascination by perfection.
Restoration of the original harmony.


A selection of unique services created to improve the aesthetics of the car, both classic or modern. Technique, research, culture and superlative products are the fundamental elements of our offer.
All services are tailor-made: every car has its own history and we respect it.


  • Bespoke full Detailing 24/36 hours

    Exterior detailing with polishing for classic cars, supercars and high-end vehicles, bringing their aesthetic level back to excellence

  • Maintenance detailing 8 hours

    Maintenance mini detailing for the Bespoke full detailing service, to be repeated every 6/8 months

  • Aesthetic bath 2 hours

    It's the state of art of car washing; specific detergents, brushes, micro-cleaning and limescale decontamination, are some features of this unique service, which guarantees an impeccable result


  • Bespoke interior detailing 8 hours

    Interior detailing for materials of every age and type, ideal synthesis between accurate cleaning and conservative restoration

  • Maintenance interior detailing 4 hours

    Maintenance detailing for the Bespoke interior detailing service, to be repeated every 6/8 months

Special Services

  • Winter service timing upon request

    Unique beauty maintenance service, developed in order to prepare the winter storage of the vehicle.

  • Summer service timing upon request

    Unique beauty maintenance service, developed in order to prepare the vehicle for the summer after the winter storage.

  • Barn find solution

    Cleaning service for cars that have been rediscovered after being stored for many years: at this stage, attention is mandatory and often makes the subsequent restoration work less expensive


We are specialised in treatments for every type of automotive leather, pigmented. aniline or Connolly

  • Remise en forme leather 4 hours

    Cleansing, hydration, imperfections removal and pigmentation where necessary: ​​a must for preserving the beauty of leather interiors, with English brush technique

  • Leather restoration timing upon request

Prices upon request

Detailing at home: Milan + 15%Italy + 30% (two cars minimum)Europe + 50 % (two cars minimum)

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“All the errors of sages together form mountains“ (Old African saying)

I am Marcello Mereu, I have been working in the luxury field for a long time and I created Haute Detailing in 2016. My aim was to experience my childhood passion for cars applying it to a new way of conceiving car care. I refuse standard procedures, mixing culture, respect and craftsmanship.

Viale Certosa, 86 20156 - Milano MI